Resetting your expired password in Windows Server 2016

  1. Wake up to your phone spamming you with Could not sign in notifications
  2. Be somewhat concerned
  3. Try and resolve it a few hours later
  4. Realise your username or password is incorrect
  5. Oh shit
  6. Worry
  7. Try and log in through the Outlook Web App
  8. Your password has expired and needs to be changed
  9. Thank fuck
  10. Your username or password is incorrect
  11. Fuck
  12. Try again a few million times
  13. Try using RDP to log in
  14. Can’t, password expired
  15. Hunt your IRC logs to find the admin password
  16. Fail
  17. Finally use Glish to try and log in
  18. It actually changed it
  19. thank fuck

EDIT: It didn’t work, I had to get the admin to reset my password for me

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